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Even though Nepal stretches over 850 kilometers from East to West, from North to South it does not extend more than 200 kilometers. More than fifty ethnic groups live within its boundaries and while eight of the ten highest peaks are located here it can also boast of a multitude of climatic zones stretching from its jungle areas to the peaks of the Himalaya.

From tropical jungles to cool mountains but also world-class convention facilities, exciting adventure escapades, sightseeing, shopping and more. Exotic architecture, glamorous living and friendly people with numerous festivals and warm hospitality and quality tea from the Himalaya. Nepal, a land where one can revitalize the mind ,body and soul amidst scenery unmatched anywhere in the world. Adding to the serenity of the country is the age old traditional hospitality that guests to Nepal will enjoy and a revist expected time and time again.

Area- 147181 sq. km
Geographical location- Bordering China in the North & India in the South
Capital - Kathmandu
Population - 23 million
Language - Nepali ( more than 70 languages & dialects )
Political System - Multiparty democracy