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Our aim is to promote Nepal Himalayan Tea as a quality product and distribute it world wide but also to create an awareness among the consumers that the tea bought by them is also helping to make thousands of small farmers economically and socially viable as leaf grown in Nepal is not sourced from huge estates like in other countries but from small tea growers who are being educated on environmental friendly organic and sustainable farming methods and who are encouraged to stick to their traditional and natural methods of manuring.

In contrast to other countries, tea in Nepal is cultivated mostly on small holdings of an average size of approximately 2500 square meters. The farmers either sell their produce to tea factories or process it in their own cooperatives. The industry in Nepal is young and innovative with organic production steadily increasing.

As tea is considered a health drink by many having antioxidants to keep the skin looking younger and as a preventive to stomach cancer or gum disease and caries if drunk without milk or sugar, it is a luxury to sip a fresh brewed cup of tea and relax amid congenial surroundings. This too is our goal to provide the tea community around the globe with fresh, aromatic teas produced in the Himalaya grown in environmentally friendly conditions without harmful substances while also sustaining our small tea growers and producers through strong, energetic and strategic marketing.