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HIMALAYAN TEA PRODUCERS COOPERATIVE LIMITED (HIMCOOP) was established in 2003 to meet the marketing needs of the Tea Producers of Nepal and offers fragrant and fresh Teas to discerning tea drinkers direct from the non-polluted environs of the Himalaya. The leaf is grown in mineral rich Himalayan soil in altitudes between 3000 ft to 7000 ft above mean sea level with natural slow growing conditions to develop the full complexity of its taste the. The essence is gently extracted from freshly plucked two leaves and a bud and processed through various stages until the unique Himalayan tea is ready to be packed and dispatched to the distribution centers. Himalayan Tea Producers Cooperative is actively promoting the sale of Nepal Tea through various events especially through participation of trade fairs around the world, international advertising and contact with Buyers.

Buyer visits are encouraged so that the unique flavour that is Nepal can be imbued with an aromatic cup of Nepal tea. Nepal is a tiny kingdom nestled among the scenic beauty of the Himalaya. Travel through the amazing and diverse flora and fauna where Nepal Tea is grown to be welcomed by the 8000 small tea growers whose leaf is processed in a cooperative factory or visit tea factories and small estates different to those in other countries.

Nepal Himalayan Tea marketed by HIMCOOP gives a different and interesting experience to those intrepid enough to make the journey to the origins of Nepal Tea. To each Buyer we offer the chance to develop teas to suit their consumers palate and united efforts to market our quality teas according to their preference. The originality of Himalayan Tea Producers Cooperative is the willingness to custom make teas according to Buyer preference by helping the Producers manufacture only the type of teas sought by discerning tea drinkers.